The Team

Project Manager

Giacomo, Rome

CEO and marketing Director for conceived the crazy idea of a commission free hotel booking system.

  • online business experience: 12 years to build a small company
  • online marketing knowledge: knows how to find all customers in two years, and none in 10 years
  • some money (not necessarily willing to spend), 
  • opportunity (or hope) to involve investors from London and Rome in the project

Crazy ideas: 
  • free online reservation system, 
  • revenue model based on auctioning for top positions 
  • free resources and content for Search Engine Optimization, 
  • applications on the cloud. Best on Google App Engine
  • application development auctioned on online marketplaces
  • I think I still have some non duplicate content
  • I own domain
  • I did setup a domain called

  • have a working prototype up and running on Google App Engine in 3 months including
  • reservation system for users
  • backoffice for hotelliers
  • free hotel reservation application for hotels websites that exchanges data with hotelcoalition
  • raise capital for it

Development Controller

Jose, Brasilia

Travel Agent, Software Engineer. 13 years of hotel system and web-site development 


- Systems development knowledge. Professional experience in PHP, Perl, C++
- Have had Java certification in 1990's, last professional work in Java in 2002 so I would need to catch up on changes made to java 1.5 and 1.6(jdk 6).
- Speaks spanish / english fluently portuguese
- Have a solid base of software code written in Perl, in production, hosted and online at this time.
- Can adapt this existing base to our purposes OR 
- Can rewrite the current system in Java, in case the three of us agree to host it at Google, Amazon or wherever

- No money...
- Understand some italian language, not proficient at all

- Have family and 2 companies to run in Brasile, so must work remotely and submit software within goals agreed upon by the team.

- Turn 13 years of hotel system and web-site development into something worthwhile.
- Administer a set of quality web sites, develop projects, improve programming knowledge constantly, produce high quality systems

Chief Analyst, Content and Usability manager

Alfred, Rome

Hotel manager, Hotel owner, CEO of an hotel booking startup that wasn't lucky. Now on his second try!

Sales, marketing and investor relations
Giorgia, London

The outstanding CV in the group. Best looks too. She worked as marketing manager for Satchi & Satchi, Yahoo and Microsoft.