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Technology and Platform for Hotelcoalition

posted Mar 9, 2010, 9:27 AM by Giacomo de Feo
.I was thinking of Java on Google App Engine. Which means some problems with SQL based data structure, but zero sys admin problems and max speed from everywhere. Yes.... when I recreated the system in 2006 I did not have this vision of Amazon S3/etc and Google App Engine. My demand now, about 5000 to 10.000 unique visitors per day, does not charge the servers at all.... My goal was to try and make this work, then migrate to a modern-day setup.Maybe we could just describe the system and have it developed in Java for GAE where it is less expensive. It may take you a year to redo it in Java. What do you think?
The technical challenge excites me ;) - But I am running all day with my work, so we need a plan and goals, make this a sucess. Alfred and I have done many projects, we are not very good project managers.....or at least for myself, I can say I am not a very good manager at all.
What do you think we can do? I can probably deliver this in Java, I would have to estimate to give you a time frame. Hotels only? Tourism? 
Maybe you and Alfred could help me write the specifications, and you could move on to a higher level, from coding to checking the quality of code and usability for tourists and hotelowners. My main concern is that the code can be improved and worked on by different developers. So it has to be very clear and clean. Java classes will help us from that point of view. I could write the initial code? Then we monitor a team? Something like that?You could describe the data structure and monitor a team while the write it. It would be faster and we'd maybe get it done in a more reasonable time. This is just brainstorming...  Yes. I can deliver the UML diagrams, data structures....I have them all in SQL, you mentioned we won't be using SQL at all? Google forces to use their "Data Store" Main issue about it is that you can't JOIN tables. It is like that because JOINS does not work well on the cloud if tables are physically located on different Servers. What about Amazon EC and S3(?) ? Do you know how they work? I prefer to go through some troubles now, but stick with Google. If we are forced to use SQL, there a Java Framework (I think it is Scala, but I'm not sure) which has a "middleman" between the code and the DBMS, so you can write your code for the "middleman" which will make it work on both SQL and Datastore.I see. When I say SQL, it is an ORM, but still it is SQL in the end... We can probably translate to Google App Engine. Do you like it?  it worth the migration? Yes. there is nothing faster, more scalable and cheaper than GAE.