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How Jose's offline business may integrate with Hotelcoalition

posted Mar 9, 2010, 7:35 AM by Giacomo de Feo   [ updated Mar 9, 2010, 9:25 AM ]
Shared document by Alfred, Jose & Giacomo
Does Jose offline business do "Incoming"? 

What is incoming? Business term?

Should be a travel industry business term... Usually travel agencies do "Outbound"... they send people from the agency location to places where they want to go. Does your agency also work with people coming to Brasilia?

Yes, understood now. Yes, here we call it "viaggio"(viagens) for local trips, and "turismo" for outbound travel. Our agency is Viagens e Turismo, we bring tourists from abroad to Brasil too. BUT we don't have big advertisement budget, so currently we have friends in embassies, using our service. But 70% of our work is from Brasil to abroad. Outbound. Which is usually more hurt than helped by the Internet. 
We have gotten good customers from our english incoming page - not MANY but customers which stay with us after they know us. I think the internet hurt our local travel business more. EXAMPLE: Airlines sell cheaper tickets on THEIR sites, than our own.... We stopped selling tickets because of that.Also travelers sometimes book their hotels by themselves. Trip packages are still good for Agencies. Right?

Yes, exactly. My  business associate, is graduated in tourismology. So her consultancy adds value, we build packages for customers, she consults, recommends places. We send customers to Alfred(a few in the past), but as example, so they are well received, we get good reviews and word-of-mouth. If we did not have this consultancy to add value, selling a hotel or ticket would be impossible against and, etc... 

Ok. I see. What about incoming? Do you sell packages for Brazil to tourists or just help Brasilia hotlels to get bookings?

After my experience with Alfred, we were unable to capitalize further selling hotels in Brazil for external customers. I went back to my agency only. Then realising I had this system, I decided to translate my Brazil business to other languages. So I started the idea to sell tourism to outsiders (tourism or hotel bookings?),    - tourism, yes, hotels were a part of it. Tourism. Practical example: a family member has land in Bahia, very beautiful place. It is completely unaccessible to outsiders... We wanted to get groups in Europe, bring to Bahia... In fact, rich guys from abroad "hide" there....we have this knowledge, to sell Brasil outside, but we are small and working in the small, so this never became a business.Aren't there regulations in Brazil that may prevent a travel agency from selling packages like a Tour Operator usually sells? I don't know of any restrictions. I may ask for specifics. For example, we are authorized money-exchange dealers by the central bank, we pay zero on exchange fees exactly to promote outside business.... They want the incoming tourism capital...but I don't know the specifics. What do you think could be restricted? In Italy a travel agency can sell a package built a Tour Operator, but cannot build its own and put it on the market. I don't think they can buy rooms then put them in a package and sell them them to tourists. Anyway in Italy we have many stupid regulations... I hope Brazil is better.

Calling For more info.

OK, I was explained that in Brazil there is no such regulation. What happens is, big operators may get lower prices, while we would be unable to rent a plane for example and get special rates. We are allowed to rent room blocks, rent vans, transport and put a package together. Excellent
We are in disadvantage "capitalistically"... One moment she called me again... OK, there is one caveat. Renting planes is a bit different, we need a contract with an operator to rent the plane. Luiza says we have the contacts at the bigger airlines, BUT for commercial flights we have zero restrictions.Ok, very good.
If we manage to get a large project started, you may want to use it to boost your incoming to Brazil business. This and some money earnings could somehow motivate you?

I am 100% into the brazil tourism business...if we have a nice project, I would be motivated, yes. My business partner would also love to work bringing in tourists, I think we have the structure to do a good job. We speak English and Spanish, My business partner used to speak italian well, she went to schools there in Rome, I did not.