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Jose's coding experience

posted Mar 9, 2010, 9:25 AM by Giacomo de Feo
What did you use to develop you Brazilian site? (I used Perl / Linux / MySQL) Why did you switch from PHP to Perl?
I founded a group called Brasilia Perl Mongers in 1999. After the group disbanded, I was working 100% on PHP. In 2006 one of the former Perl group members showed me some Perl projects he had. I was impressed....his work was cleaner than mine. I thought I could use a more "formal" language. I switched entirely for technical reasons, Perl has been my specialty since 1996...that is all...Do you use some Framework? - No...I took the data structures from the HNS code we had, reimplemented everything by hand in Perl. The ORM that I use is the same as Catalyst framework, so it can probably be migrated...but right now it is 100% in-house stuff